The Benefits of Meditation and Prayer in Everyday Life

Is your daily routine so busy and full of activities that it’s causing you stress and agitation? We’ve all heard of the health risks associated with too much stress, but how can you reduce that stress and find peace in your life?

To achieve a sense of peace, you can turn to the gift of prayer and meditation.

There are many benefits to meditation and prayer:

1. Stress reduction. Both meditation and prayer are wonderful for reducing stress. You’ll find that it helps you learn how to get away from the worries of life to a more peaceful state of mind.

o Just 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference by bringing peace and relaxation to your body and mind. A few minutes each day isn’t much, considering that the positive effects will last hours.

2. Improved health. Many studies have proven that prayer and meditation foster vibrant health. Usually these health benefits, such as lower blood pressure and decreased risk of heart disease, occur because of the lowered stress levels.

o Physical problems are often a symptom of turmoil on the inside and prayer and meditation can help to overcome that turmoil.

3. Better control over your thoughts. Having negative thoughts from time to time is part of being human. Many people who are stressed don’t believe they’re able to control what they think. The stress mounts, tempers flair, and before long arguments ensue.

However, by bringing prayer and meditation into your life, it’s possible to control your thoughts and stop negative thinking as soon as it happens. This helps keep your mind at peace.

4. Happiness. Both peace of mind and happiness are true benefits of meditation and prayer. Everyone is seeking happiness in their lives, and when you’re able to find peace of mind through prayer and meditation, you’re also welcoming happiness into your life.

By spending some time in personal reflection, you’ll gain a greater wisdom of your mission in this life, and you’ll be better able to appreciate all that you’ve been given, both good and bad. Meditation and prayer help banish those negative thoughts that threaten your peace of mind.

5. Better concentration. As you pray and meditate, you welcome peace and tranquility into your mind, which then affects how you live your life. When you alleviate the stresses in your life, you’re better able to concentrate on the things that are important, such as family or work.

o Continued prayer and meditation will help you expand your focus to multiple areas of your life.

Although prayer and meditation can provide peace in your life, it can be hard to make the time at first, but it’s easier than you think. Simply find a quiet place in your home and allow yourself to relax and feel at peace for 10-15 minutes. You deserve those 15 minutes of peace each day!

While there are plenty of positive benefits of prayer and meditation, it may take practice and perseverance to achieve them. Over time you’ll begin to experience this wonderful gift in your own life and you’ll be thankful that you did!

Juicer and Blender

Juicer or blender? That is the question. There is a lot of confusion about different nutritional aspects of juicing vs. blending. Some people have a misconception that juicing and blending are the same. This is not the case – granted that increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables is good for your health and fitness; many people still wonder which option provides more health benefits than the other. Both options process delicious fruit and veggies into a highly nutritious and delicious drink but the way they do so provide very different end results. To better understand the key differences, let us first look at the definitions of both these processes.

What is Juicing?

Juicing is a process where the liquid part of a fruit or vegetable is separated from the fiber or pulp. Easily defined, juicing extracts all liquid from your ingredient but does not use other parts of the fruit/vegetable. When you juice, you get a thin and concentrated liquid product that contains high levels of vitamin, minerals, and other phytonutrients that are associated with positive health effects.

What is Blending?

Blending process uses the entire fruit or vegetable. Whatever you put inside a blender is what you will consume entirely. Your drink volume will be much greater than of juice made from the same fruit or vegetable – many people refer to this as a smoothie.

Key Aspects of juicing and blending

• Juicing

• Blending

• Does not use entire fruit/ veggie

• No waste as it uses everything you put inside it

• Easy digestion since the fiber is removed in the process

• Not easily absorbed because it contains more fiber content that slows the digestive process

• Since the end product is not as thick as that derived from blending, you get hungry faster after digestion

• Provides slow release of energy thus preventing sugar highs and lows. You will feel full for longer

• The end product is absorbed easily by your body

• Aids digestion by removing toxins and encouraging regular elimination of said toxins

• Provides a juice packed with high concentrations of vitamins and nutrients

• Has lower limit of the of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes when compared to juicing

Benefits of Juicing

• Throws most toxins away: Non-organic veg and fruits tend to have some levels of agrochemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. When you are juicing, you throw away most of these toxins.

• Provides very nutrient-dense beverages in a smaller amount of liquid

• Perfect option for those looking for a low-fiber diet

• Since the end product is lighter, your body will have a much faster and easier time consuming all nutrients without activating your digestive system

• This process is great for cleansing and detoxification as well as for individuals with very sensitive digestive systems that may be sensitive to high fiber food diet

• Zero fiber: this means that juicing is easy on your digestive systems.

• Fast absorption: Vitamins and minerals derived from juicing are easily absorbed by your body so that all those nutrients go directly to where they are needed most by your body.

Benefits of Blending

• You retain all fiber from produce. This means that you will feel fuller for a long time after digestion

• Since you can add other types of foods to your blender such as nuts, you increase your intake of healthy proteins and fats

• Volume of your drink will be much greater than that of a juicer made from same amount of fruits or veggies

• High concentration of fiber in your drink slows down digestion. This means that energy in your body is released slowly and evenly. This in turn prevents sugar highs and lows

• Aids digestion: Fiber from fruits/ vegetables work their way through your digestive system and aids in removing all toxins from your body

Drawbacks of Juicing

It is more expensive as you will have to use greater volume of produce to make one cup of juice

Drawbacks of Blending

When using non-organic ingredients, you will end up consuming most of the toxins used. It is best to always use organic ingredients when blending

Which Method is better for Health?

To be perfectly honest, these two methods provide great juices that are of different vitamin and mineral count due to the different methods they use to process the produce. What we can say is, if you are on a weight loss program that requires you to take low-fiber diet, then juicing is a better option. However, since blending provides you with a thick and highly nutrient drink; you will see that you are less hungry after consuming a smoothie. This will help you refrain from consuming too much food as you will have all the energy you need packed in a cup of juice. This is not to say that you should only consume smoothies; this is to say that you will have less need to consume a lot of food during the day. This in turn leads to weight and fat loss.

For individuals looking to cleanse or detoxify their bodies, then we would suggest you go for a juicer. Juicing is also a great option for individuals with sensitive digestive systems.

Final Verdict

All in all, it truly depends on you. These two types have their own benefits – we would recommend you buy both and use them accordingly. Both devices can be used for food & recipe usage as well. Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables is good for your body. Studies have shown that consuming fruits/ veggies on a daily basis decreases the risk of stroke; helps keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay, keeps your body healthy and fit, and also reduces the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease!

Price To Pay For Child Life Insurance

In shopping around for child life insurance policies, many parents are not driven by the commonly assumed notion of paying for medical bills and funeral expenses. Although nothing is as devastating as a child dying before a parent, many choose not to dwell in the doom and gloom as there is much to look forward to other than disease and death.

Insurance costs are in accordance with the insured party’s well-being. As such, a healthy individual is able to secure a cheaper policy than one ridden with ailments and life’s harsh experiences. If one is really interested into securing insurance for his child, it is timely to do so when the child is strong and healthy, possessing no obvious signs of health risks in the near future.

Although term policies last for only a certain period, investing more to insure a child’s whole life is also available. Upon signing up, the young individual is taken care of until the end of his earthly life. If one contracts an ailment in his matured years or opts for an occupation which puts his or her life at constant risk, the cost of this type of child life insurance policy remains unchanged. It is also more flexible as it allows the insured to borrow against its present value whilst its cash value continues to grow until termination by death or cancellation by choice.

Keeping up with insurance payments are an additional burden to the family’s present expenses. Unless the child happens to have a steady stream of income, most parents slice up their salaries to pay for various financial commitments. Those earning a meager income thus favor the option of opening a savings account as a means to insure a child. Deposit amounts and schedules can vary depending on circumstances thus avoiding any risk of defaulting on monthly payments for insurance premiums and breaching the terms of the policy.

The Empty Suitcase

It was a typical day in my life. I went to my storage unit to retrieve a suitcase for my husbands impending business trip. I reached above my head to pull down what I thought was an empty suitcase and then it happened.

The suitcase was full of things much to my dismay. This mistake sent me on a physical rehabilitation journey. At the time little did I know this is exactly what I needed to make me stop and reflect on my life.

When I was recovering from my injury I had time to think. I was thinking of my adult child who blamed me for her life. I was thinking about all my failures as a young parent. I was thinking about how my immaturity may have hurt my children growing up.

I was convinced that everything my adult children did that was not in their best interest was my fault. It must be because I made so many mistakes I could not count. I did keep a roof over the heads and food in their mouth.

I didn’t call them in sick to school and I wouldn’t let them skip school. I thought that having a clean room was right up there with determining whether you succeed or fail in life.

I was a fallen christian, a damaged human being who was not good enough for her own children. At twenty years old and divorced with four children in a time period where a woman was little more than a second class citizen I picked myself up.

I got an education and worked at odd jobs and finally full time. I learned to be strong or at least wear armor for the indignities that I put up with. I worked and lived in a mans world. I couldn’t let anyone see me weak after all that was unacceptable.

My son was talking to me and I finally confided him my feelings and how proud I was that despite me how great of a parent he was. That is when he said a sentence that resonated to my soul.

He said, “Mom, you sure are carrying around a heavy empty suitcase, all of your children came from the same house, all of your children are adults and make their own decisions and their own mistakes.”

Ironic he would use a suitcase as a metaphor. I was finally free that day to move forward and so my son set me free and became my friend.

Let it go whatever weighs you down and enjoy the present for that is all you have.

Top 5 Osho Books Review

More than 600 books are attributed to the controversial spiritual leader Osho. This article reviews 5 of the most popular Osho books.

1. The Book of Secrets: 112 Meditations to Discover the Mystery Within

The Book of Secrets was published after his death in 1990 is a compendium of his lectures and follow-up question and answer periods. The reader will enjoy the casual and conversational style of the book and it makes for an easy read.

This is one of the longest Osho books with more than 1,100 pages. Osho gives us a comprehensive and practical guide to learning how to meditate. He believed that without meditation we can never discover the deep secrets of life but merely its surface.

The meditation techniques are based on ancient texts that have been translated to contemporary understanding. Each of the 112 meditations are described in detail and explained how best to put them to use in our everyday modern lives.

Whether you have a particular faith you follow or not you will derive great benefits through meditation. And you needn’t go to a temple to practice it-any quiet place will do. Your mind and body is temple enough along with the willingness and courage to experiment with something new.

2. Tantra: The Supreme Understanding

Of the more than 600 Osho books, Tantra is his all time best seller. For more than 1,000 years the writings of Tilopa, the 11th century Indian master of Tantra have lived on. Tilopa passed on his mystical insights to his student, Naropa, in the form of his Song of Mahamudra.

Osho, in his humorous, beautiful yet powerful way, teaches Tantra through Tilopa’s song piece by piece, showing how Tantric meditation techniques and mystical insights apply to our lives today.

3. EMOTIONS: Freedom from Anger, Jealousy & Fear

Life is nothing if not emotional, and not understanding our emotions and how to deal with them effectively lies at the core of many of our problems. And these problems not only affect our physical, mental and sexual health but also our energy levels, sleep pattern and relationships with our loved ones.

In Emotions, Osho gives us a guide that is both practical and comprehensive that helps to master our emotions by watching and learning from them when they arise. And once we learn this our emotions no longer have the power to provoke us.

4. Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships

If you are truly seeking something different from the same old worn out advice on relationships, then this is just the book for you. Love, Freedom and Aloneness was also published after his death from his teachings.

In it we find, that only by learning to live by ourselves and with ourselves first, can we cultivate real freedom in our lives; and this freedom allows us to find love and happiness with someone else. The book is a free flowing dialogue on how to balance lifestyle, love and meditation- not a 12 step formula.

5. Being in Love: How to Love with Awareness and Relate Without Fear

In this book Osho challenges us to question what we think we know about love and opens us up the idea that love, instead of consisting of jealousy and possessiveness, is natural and fulfilling.

He dares us to resist the patterns we’ve learned from culture and those around us that are unhealthy, and rediscover being love and loving without expectation. From an early time we’ve been so filled with rubbish about what love is that by the time we are ready to explore the world of love there is not much hope we can tell the difference between what is real and what is false.

Osho asks us to explore new ways to love that will forever change our relationships by answering the questions that so many lovers face including how to:

• Become a life partner with whom someone

• Be fully present in your relationships

• Love without clinging

• Free yourself from the fear of being alone

• Let go of expectations, rules, and demands

• Keep your love fresh and alive

• Surrender your ego so you can surrender to love

These 5 Osho books go far beyond the understanding of conventional psychology and bring unique insight to the workings of the mind, heart and essence of being.

Vegetarian Diet – The Healthy Way

Vegetarian diets vary widely. The pure vegetarian consumes foods from plants only. These foods include fruits, beans and peas, vegetables, grains, seeds, and nuts. A variation on the pure vegetarian diet includes milk and milk products such as yogurt and cheeses. The next level includes eggs in the overall list of items consumed. Finally, there is the semi-vegetarian diet which doesn’t include red meat but does allow fish, chicken and fish as well as eggs and dairy products.

The biggest issue with vegetarians is nutrition. They have to make sure they get all the nutrients their bodies need. The vegetarian has to plan out his diet to ensure he gets the essential building blocks for his body. The building blocks include protein, calcium, Vitamin B-12, Iron, and Zinc.

While supplements may be helpful, by enjoying a wide variety of foods, the vegetarian can ensure that she gets the nutrients she needs.

Eggs and milk are excellent sources of protein. However, your diet does not include eggs or milk; protein can be supplied by soy products, beans and peas, seeds and whole grains. Nuts are even a good source of protein.

Low-fat, dairy foods and dark green vegetables provide a ready of source of calcium. These green vegetables include spinach, kale, broccoli, turnips, and collard greens. Fortified soymilk and fruit juices are an additional source for calcium.

In order to produce red blood cells and prevent anemia (a low supply of iron), the body must have vitamin B-12. While this vitamin is found almost exclusively in animal products, including milk, eggs, and cheese, enriched cereals or supplements are available.

To supply essential amounts of iron, you should be sure to include dried beans and peas, lentils, enriched cereals, whole-grain products, those leafy green vegetables, and dried fruits in your diet.

Finally, zinc, which plays a role in cell division and the formation of proteins, can be supplied by whole grains, soy products, wheat germ, and nuts. If the zinc supplement route is chosen, the supplement should contain no more than 15 – 18 mg of zinc. Research has shown that excessive doses of zinc will lower the “good” cholesterol levels in some people.

For any diet, but especially a vegetarian diet, variety is the key to successfully supplying your body’s nutritional requirements. The prudent use of nutritional supplements can only help.

Warning: If Your Erections Are Softer Than Usual, It May Be A Sign Of A Major Health Problem

Are you noticing that your erections are not as hard as they were before? If so, there is a clear sign that not all is well with your overall health. Why is this so? The simple reason is that your penis hardness or erectile strength is the fastest indicator of, not only your sexual health, but also your physical health. To understand this, you need to understand how the penis gets hard or how an erection occurs.

An erection occurs when blood is pumped and trapped in the penis chambers. The more blood is trapped in there, the harder your erections. In order to achieve rock hard erection, you need to have:

1.   healthy  and elastic blood vessels
2. well functioning heart
3.  healthy  brain
4.  healthy  neural connections
5. adequate levels of nitric oxide that relaxes blood vessels in your body
6.  healthy  levels of testosterone

As you can see, it does take a lot for a man to achieve a  healthy , rock hard erection. Simply put, when your penis is rock hard, you are in great shape and physically  healthy .

Working backwards, you can infer that there is a powerful connection between weak, unsustainable erections and common health ailments in men. These include obesity, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, depression, sleep disorders, diabetes, and heart disease.

Long before your arteries become clogged (atherosclerosis) and put you at risk of heart failure, your penis will feel it first. These unhealthy cholesterol and fat in your body will first clog up your tiny penile vessels, restricting blood flow and causing a softer erection. You may not be conscious of it but your bad eating habit and diet could well be affecting your health in subtle ways. If you pay attention to the health and hardness of your penis, you can get an early warning sign that may well save your life.

To prove that this is not all talk and no substance, consider a new study of 2,400 men conducted by researchers at the University of Bristol, in England. In this study, men who reported that they had sex and orgasms at least three times a week were half as likely to have a heart attack or stroke as those who had less sex. Does this mean that having more sex reduces your risks of getting heart attack, stroke and and so on? Not really.

Actually, what this study confirmed is that being fit and  healthy  allows you to have sex as much as you want. The ability to have strong erections and good sex three times a week is an indication that you are  healthy  and in good physical shape and therefore less likely to suffer from the health conditions mentioned above. Treat your penis as your personal health barometer – the harder your penile erection, the better shape you are in, physically.

So what can you do to get that hard penis again? Here are some useful tips:

1. Cut the fat from your diet – this one is obvious. The fat you consume, the more fatty deposits you put into your arteries and the weaker your erections get.

2. Exercise more regularly. The more you burn those fat, the less will be left over to be deposited on your blood vessels and the harder your penis will get.

3. Consume more sexual and testosterone friendly foods like vegetables, fruits like banana, spices,etc. These will help improve testosterone and nitric oxide levels and help blood circulation

4. Include herbal aphrodisiac supplements in your diet. These men’s sexual health supplements contain powerful herbs that can help improve your blood circulation, raise your testosterone levels, increase your semen and sperm production and nourish your prostate gland for optimal sexual health.

If you need help to find the best herbal sexual supplements for men or to lose that unhealthy, unwanted, excess fat around your body, then do take a look at the author resource box below for more info.

Is Chocolate Pudding Healthy?

Chocolate is made from the fruit of the cacao tree. The beans of the tree undergo a considerable amount of processing before chocolate is produced but end up with lots of antioxidants. Chocolate is believed to boost serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain, which have an uplifting effect. It also contains stimulants which increases alertness. The feel-good factor, provided by chocolate and recipes with chocolate, gives an instant lift when the energy levels are low. In addition, there are some people who find eating chocolate cake or pudding soothing because they associate it with comfort or reward from their childhood.

Chocolate pudding contains some of the same disease-fighting antioxidants as fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants have been proven to decrease free radicals in the blood that can cause cancers. Healthy eating is more fun when you add small indulgences such as chocolate pudding desserts and pudding pies. A recent study shows the people who regularly eat pudding or recipes containing chocolate as their main ingredient, live up to a year longer than those who avoid it altogether.

Ready to use puddings are high in quality and are ideal as a wholesome snack by themselves. Not only do they have antioxidants, but calcium as well for strong bones. They are used as recipe enhancers in cakes, cookies, pies, ice creams, and other desserts in restaurants, bakeries and foodservice establishments. The jello chocolate pudding is as good as, if not even better, than regular home-made pudding. For people who don’t have the time to prepare tasty pudding desserts from scratch, the handy and ready to eat puddings are the best option.

Instant puddings are well packed and sealed for better taste and longer shelf life these days and are perfect for daycares and preschool snacks. The portions of each cup of chocolate pudding are sufficient to be used as perfect healthy snacks for children and adults. Foodservice companies can also buy big bulk cans for serving many people at banquets and receptions. Apart from being delicious, chocolate puddings are nutritionally balanced. For people who are particular about their diet, there are puddings made of non-fat milk, which contain way less calories than the regular puddings, yet you still get the great antioxidants and calcium.

Get Healthy – Add Fresh Seafood To Your Diet

Though the link between eating fresh seafood and general improvements with regard to health has been known for ages, the exact mechanisms behind the phenomenon might have been considered somewhat ambiguous until recently. A high-protein and low-fat kind of sustenance as various fish and other sea fauna species are, not all the benefits provided by eating them could have been explained via such simple mechanisms.

The discovery of higher Mercury levels in farm raised fish has led scientist to believe that one should stick with wild caught fish whenever possible. Long term studies have not been conducted yet to determine the effects of eating farm raised fish but it is assumed that the exposure to Mercury will have negative effects.

The good thing about wild caught fish is that they have been literally untouched by mankind. Crops and meat sources that are farmed have been manipulated by scientists in order to increase yields, lower growth time frames and make items easier to ship. Wild caught fish are not subject to these kinds of manipulation.

Following the introduction of new technologies, however, and the discovery of omega-3 fatty acids and their key role to various aspects of human health, the benefits of enjoying a diet rich in, for instance, lobster meat or other kinds of fresh seafood suddenly became far more visible and clear.

The omega-3s start a wonderful activity as early as on fetal stage of human development. Docosahexaenoic acid, commonly found in fish, crab and lobster meat, is an essential component for building brain and nerve fetal tissue as well as the retina. Consequently, research suggests that for infant cognition higher consumptions of fresh seafood low in mercury are beneficial by a pregnant woman.

Research has shown that a diet high in omega-3 will confer health advantages prenatally which persist after birth. Children eating such a diet develop less asthma and fewer cases of airway inflammation. Since live lobster and king crab are excellent sources of omega-3, adults will enjoy getting their regular dose.

Consumption of fresh seafood was proven reduce prevalence of depression in new mothers as well as make them less prone to breast cancer. Omega 3s present in the diet also protect against a variety of cardiovascular diseases, prevent strokes, improve eye and brain functions. Finally, they can halt mental decline later in the life – thus saving the happy fresh seafood lovers manifold the costs of their hobby.

Fish contain multiple advisable substances. They are plentiful in Vitamin D, which offers strong anti-cancer and bone-building qualities. Salmon contain Astaxanthin, which is a powerful anti-oxidant that confers a host of documented health benefits. It also gives salmon their orange coloring.

It is well known that to use natural ingredients easily found in food items agrees with the most innovative trends in medicine and with the idea that it is easier to prevent diseases than to cure them. Therefore, enjoy.

What You Can Get From Health Retreats in Melbourne

A health retreat goes beyond a special spa treat for individuals or groups. There are health retreats geared towards lifestyle changes and depression recovery including doctor consultation and motivational seminars and activities. Others call it integrative medicine. This is a holistic approach to wellbeing including the mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

In Melbourne alone, there are various retreat centres, offering programs and treatments to individuals and groups. For example, the Seascape Ocean Grove Centre and the New Me Health Retreat in Melbourne focuses on weight loss and detox treatment while others health retreats like Highwood and Alive Luxury Health Retreats are geared towards rejuvenation, meditation, and relaxation. It could be as simple as a vacation of a group of women friends who want to rejuvenate and relax their mind and body with spa, yoga, beauty treatments, sauna, Pilates, and massages. Others would go to these retreats for life coaching, counselling, and meditation.

With the popularity of medical tourism in this city, many facilities and health programs are constantly developed and improved to provide the best experience to the people. The benefit of going to a Melbourne health retreat is that you get to enjoy the beautiful place and be in one with the environment. Combined this with a good program, and you can relax, rejuvenate and fill your spirit with positive energy. Anyone suffering from weight issues, obesity, or anxiety can rely on the professionals and life coaches in this health retreats and be more motivated to make life changes. A renewed version of you is a benefit you can get from Melbourne health retreats.

Before you book just any health retreat in Melbourne, make sure you are choosing one located away from the city. The city, although easily accessible, can bring about stress for some people as this is where the hustle and bustle of everyday life happens. It would definitely be a challenge to meditate in a place where you hear lots of noise and activity around. In this case, you may want to consider retreat centres located amidst a beautiful natural environment for some good source of sunshine and fresh air. This will be ideal if you really want to achieve that ultimate sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Yarra Valley, which is just a short drive away from Melbourne CBD, is a good choice for health retreats. The lush natural landscape and the view of the valley can offer good amounts of positivity to individuals. You can check websites that offer health programs in this area. You can check out photos of their facilities and go through their program and treatment offerings to choose which one will work for you. Some centres offer a tailor-fitted program for their clients. A day-to-day itinerary will help you enjoy and get the most out of the program. You can find out more about Yarra Valley health retreats by visiting travel websites and health forums.

Some individuals also give program bookings as gifts to their loved-ones and friends. If you know a friend suffering from depression or an employee stressed from demanding work, this is a valuable gift you can offer to them. A health retreat will help them bounce back from any low point in their lives. You can also accompany them to enjoy the retreat yourself. Such group retreats are also a way to build relationships and support friends in time of need.